First seedlings

My first seedlings of the year (if you ignore the garlic, onions and broad beans I planted in the autumn) appeared this week.

On the tomato front, Roma VF is this year’s winner, with the first seedling raising its head on Friday, followed by three more the next day. Trailing slightly behind were Gardener’s Delight and Black Russian, with one seedling of each apearing above the soil by the end of Saturday. These were all sown two weeks ago on 28th February.

From the legumes, sugar-snap peas are leading the field, closely followed by asparagus peas. One seedling of each showed its face on Saturday. I am particulary pleased because both of these are from seeds I saved last year; the seeds from the packet have not appeared yet.

I have been a little unfair to the rapini; all three varieties (40, 60 & 90 day) sent up seedlings within a week of sowing, so they really deserve the title of first seedlings of the year. But after the tomato-moth devestation last year, I am keeping a watchful eye on my tomato seedlings.

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